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The principle of pneumatic conveying is based on the fact that bulk goods can be moved to utilize air through pipelines. The bulk material often is very abrasive and lumpy. It may be stuck in some parts of the pipe, especially in the bends. As a result, all systems stop, and the conveying material wastes.

Our pneumatic conveying systems can automatize and optimize conveying, loading, and storage operations.

The Flow-Bow elbow is used to change the flow direction of dry, non-clotting bulk materials. The Flow-Bow has a wide range of applications including powdery, splintery, and highly abrasive bulk materials like e.g. quartz sand, shotcrete, and basalt chips even cocoa husks. Stainless steel designs are available for applications in plastics and foodstuffs production.
The Flow-Bow is designed to make a buffer layer from the conveying bulk materials. The buffer layer is formed at the place of the flow deflections, so which provides at the same time wear protection. The material cushion is completely removed on the final surge of the conveying with the last stream of compressed air.

The equipment was patented in 1981
  • during conveying even abrasive bulk materials wear protection is provided through optimal wall thickness design and buffer cushion formation;
  • the inlet and output sides are technically identical and can be interchanged (up to the model DN100 and lower) thus spare part costs are minimized when replacing worn flanges;
  • optimal dimension and weight design provide simple installation and replacement;
  • safe for the environment due the minimizing the failures and loss of conveying material;
  • high economical level due to a long service life;
  • designing different diameters and angles of the elbows for individual customer requirements thus provide installation of pipelines of any configuration.
Pneumatic chamber pumps are used for conveying fine and granular bulk materials. These conveyor systems are capable of transporting products up to a distance of 1000 meters. Experience, unique precise design for each new system guaranteed high quality of the conveyor systems. This provides high performance of pneumatic conveyor systems and long service life.
The clamping valve is mainly designed as a safety device for pneumatic filling of the silo. In addition, they are used in various pneumatic feeding systems in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries (conveying gravel, sand, concrete, and cement, in the production of glass, ceramics, and artificial materials, as well as in dosing and weighing systems) Valves with nominal diameters from DN 40 to DN 200 are available.
Our pipeline and pipe coupling system is the pressure-tight and favorable joining of conveyor pipelines. Thus provides a high level of industrial and environmental safety.
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